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C3 was founded in 2008 by Matthew Toth who spent 8 ½ years working for the biggest telecom carriers in the industry. At the time of our inception, we asked ourselves:

“What is wrong with the IT industry today? What is wrong with the buying process that buyers have to go through? Why are interactions with telecom/IT sales people so difficult? Why can’t we set up a consultative agency that provides an IT Ecosystem that focuses on the customer instead of hard selling one solution?”

These questions led us to the very foundation upon which C3 is built. We represent virtually all the telecom/cloud carriers and work with you to find the best fit. We provide you with our unbiased guidance, not a hard sales pitch. We focus on your satisfaction, not the next sale. You’ll work with the same people at C3 instead of a virtually endless rotation of sales reps. You also get to focus your time on your business instead of billing tickets, because we take ownership of those.

We created C3 to make your interaction with IT companies easier, less time consuming, and less stressful. And since we have extensive industry experience and negotiating knowledge, you’ll also be getting the best deals to be had.

Talk with C3, the anti – phone company, and let’s partner together today to create the networks and solutions of tomorrow.

At C3, we operate our business based upon these 3 core principals.
These core principles are:

Partnership – We strive to create long term, mutually beneficial relationships/partnerships with our customers. Vendors sell services and push products while partners solve problems and provide solutions. C3 always looks out for what is best for your business based on the ever-evolving market and your needs. Our quarterly reviews will always end with this question – Do the services that you use today optimally support your organizational goals?

Responsiveness – We live and work in an imperfect world. Seemingly perfect solutions and their positive effects can be negated quickly if a difficulty that arises is not dealt with and corrected quickly. We pledge to our customers that the level of responsiveness you receive from us will far exceed the experiences you’ve had with your current or former vendors. Responsiveness is one of the cornerstones of our business, and you will see it in every aspect of our business.

Focus on customer support – When you work with C3, you will use the same customer support structures that are in place with the vendors except for one difference – you will have us to help guide you through them. Gone are the days of spending several hours on billing issues and other vendor issues. We will gladly take on this responsibility.