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C3 is looking to hire Client Relationship Managers (CRM) specifically in the Chicago and Columbus, OH markets. Candidates outside of these markets will absolutely be considered, but these markets are our focus. The CRM’s primary role is to pursue new C3 customers through a variety of methods including networking, cold calling, emailing, and social networking. The CRM will also continually farm those accounts as long as they’re C3 clients. The ideal candidate has at least 3 years of IT/cloud services selling experience, is self-motivated, and can work from home. Telecom experience is a huge plus.

C3 is looking for CRMs that want to permanently plant their roots and build a book of business for the long term. What makes C3 different than virtually every other IT company out there is our commission annuity model. Our CRMs make a recurring commission for as long as your customers continue to be customers of C3. Are you tired of your base and commissions starting at 0 every January 1st? With C3, you’ll forever keep the momentum going. C3 will also provide a competitive salary.

Among the other advantages of being a CRM at C3:

    1. Exclusivity in your market – We do not plan on hiring more than 2 people per market, so you won’t continually bump into other C3 reps like you probably do today.
    2. Freedom to sell anywhere – You are allowed to sell into any vertical in any geography. You will not be limited to selling in your market. Your leads may take you too many different places. We not only allow this, we encourage this!
    3. A HUGE portfolio – Today, you may sell Company X’s services. Regardless of whether company X is the right fit for your customers, you pitch X. At C3, we have the full offerings of 150+ vendors – Rackspace, Level 3, US Signal, Masergy, Vigilant, Centurylink, Comcast, Datapipe and the list goes on. You ALWAYS have the right fit for your customers.
    4. Competitive salary – The total compensation package for successful reps is unmatched in the industry.
    5. Management that REALLY cares about your success – Leave the days of “What are you selling this month?” behind. That old school management philosophy doesn’t play here. We want long term success and are not beholden to rigid monthly performance metrics. We will help you grow and support your efforts in every way that we can.
    6. Support – You will have project management and service backing up your efforts. We want to reduce your workload to allow you to focus on the activities that will make you successful.
    7. Stability – We aren’t interested in shaking up your base or re-dividing territories every 18 months. You will have long term stability to grow your base of customers.
    8. Ultimate goal of $500k+/year in total comp – There is no cap on what you can make at C3.
    9. Flexibility of all kinds – We will give you the flexibility and freedom needed to not only be successful, but needed to restore that work/life balance that is sorely missing in corporate America.

Come talk to us and see if C3 is the right step, and last step in your journey to find the perfect career.

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