Comcast awards and our view

Comcast, one of the 80+ telco carriers in the C3 portfolio, announced this past week that they won both the North American Service Provider of the Year Award and took home first prize for Best Carrier Ethernet Business Application –

Our take – This makes sense to us. Comcast has done a great job from a pricing and provisioning standpoint as it compares to it’s industry peers. One of the key advantages that we see in recommending Comcast is the ability for Comcast to provide their own conduit to a customer’s site. The typical Ma-Bell fiber ethernet connection(think AT&T, Verizon, etc) can only be provisioned to the local pedestal or to a nearby phone pole. From there, a customer is responsible for providing conduit to the demarc. Comcast fiber ethernet oftentimes bypasses all of this and provides a circuit directly to the customer demarc, thus bypassing the need to bring in a 3rd party to build out the needed conduit. We see this as a very large advantage.

The 2nd advantage that we see is the scalability. Comcast can scale their ethernet products to 1 Gig before needing to replace hardware at the customer site. Upgrades can be done quickly with little headache in this process. With traditional phone companies, like AT&T for example, entire circuits must be re-ordered oftentimes to accommodate a new speed. This process can take up to 4 months.

Work with C3 in procuring your Comcast Ethernet services. We will project manage the installation process, take care of all billing issues, act as a point of escalation, and most importantly, verify that Comcast ACTUALLY is the best fit for your networking and internet needs. We’ll also guarantee that you’re getting the best price for ethernet services and metro ethernet services.

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