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So how does C3 take you from your current environment to a completely optimized one? 

The steps below take you through the process:

1. Discuss the current state of your organization. What are the trends in your industry? What are your growth prospects? What are the industry’s growth prospects? What are the current challenges you face today? What are the organization’s goals? Your department’s goals? We are trying to understand your organization and your industry to the best of our ability so that we can tailor a solution that helps you achieve your goals.

2. Evaluate and understand the voice, data, and infrastructure services you employ which support/enable your organization.

3. Research possible solutions. Based on your needs, we have discussions with the vendors, construct potential solutions, and negotiate pricing and contract language. We have the ability to quote up to 150+ different carriers, so you will have the choice among multiple regional and global vendors.

4. Propose between 3 and 4 solutions in order of recommendation/fit. We have no bias in choosing any of them and only want to find the perfect fit for your needs.

5. Help you and the stakeholders at your organization figure out the best solution based on your feedback from number 4.

6. Create an implementation plan. We’ve seen the very best solutions and their merits get negated based on a botched implementation. We’ll work with your organization to come up with a plan to seamlessly move from your current providers to the ones that make sense. C3 then fills out all the order forms and takes on as much of the ordering process from you as possible.

7. Conduct weekly calls to keep the projects moving along and to keep you informed on the progress of your orders.

8. C3 then coordinates between your resources and the vendor’s implementation team.

9. Implementation and first bill review. Is the billing correct? Are there any loose ends that need to be tied? C3 manages all aspects of your services going forward except for minor outage issues.

10. Conduct ongoing quarterly account reviews. At these sessions, we continually ask the questions – Do the services that you have today optimally support your organizational goals?

11. Make changes based on this quarterly account review.

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