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Metro Ethernet
The ultimate access method for scalability and cost per GB.

Metro Ethernet

Ethernet is a layer 2 access method that simplifies your network and reduces the demand for expensive high end routers. Ethernet’s physical layer can consist of fiber ethernet, ethernet over copper(or known as EoC), or wireless ethernet. It can be used as an access method for MPLS(multi-protocal label switching), VPLS(Virtual Private LAN Service or Virtual Lan Service), and metro area networks(metro E, Metro Ethernet, or MAN). There are multiple regional, domestic, and global providers and C3 has most of them in the portfolio.

Why Choose Metro Ethernet For Your Business?

    Better Connectivity Drives Business Transformation

    Metro Ethernet For Flexible, Scalable Connectivity

    Network scalability. Ethernet services are typically quite scalable and require little or no router changes. This compares quite favorably to services provisioned on TDM(time division multiplexing) platforms – T1, DS3, OC3, etc. Ethernet not only scales well, but in many cases can be scaled in a fraction of the time when compared to scaling TDM services. For instance – Comcast metro Ethernet or XO’s Ethernet over copper service may only take a week or two to increase bandwidth from 30M to 50M versus a physical installation for another T1 taking 6 weeks to install.

  • Reduced network costs – Since the carriers’ costs to scale bandwidths are much less than TDM, the savings are passed to the customer in the form of only slightly incremental pricing increases for large bandwidth increases. For instance – a current carrier of C3 today charges $827 for a 10M internet circuit and $927 for a 20M. Compare this to the cost of adding another T1 to another T1 at several hundred dollars.
  • Simplicity. Hardware and routing requirements are lessened greatly.

Why Choose C3 for Metro Ethernet services?

  • No sales pitch, just unbiased consulting. We’ll help you find whoever the best metro ethernet carrier is for your organization.
  • Choose C3 to create a resilient solution consisting of multiple carriers and access methods(Ethernet, cable, T1, etc.) to protect your organization against downtime.
  • We have relationships with over 100+ Ethernet service providers to give you a wide array of options, prices, features, etc.
  • Best metro ethernet pricing/best ethernet services pricing. We are on your side of the negotiating table and our extensive experience will help you in finding and negotiating the best deals with the telecom carriers.
  • Billing and contract issues handled by C3. C3 takes ownership of these issues so that you’ll never again waste any of your time with frustrating billing issues.
  • Account management. If you’ve ever worked with unresponsive, unknowledgeable telecom representatives who are constantly being changed out and not looking out for your well-being, then you are not alone. Work with C3 and take the hassle out of dealing with telecommunications. We pledge to be responsive and proactive in our management of your account. It is also our mission to make sure you always have the best deal on the services that fit your needs.

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