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MPLS Networking
Secure multi-location networking with low latency & application prioritization.

MPLS Networking

MPLS(Multi Protocol Label Switching) is a private, secure, any to any(fully meshed) network that seamlessly connects all of your locations together for voice, video, and data applications. Whether your locations are a mile away or a continent away, MPLS should be on your short list of considerations when building your wide area network. Quality of Service(QoS) is a key feature of MPLS that allows you to control your network and prioritize applications in times of network congestion. MPLS is a wonderful solution for organizations that need to secure and control the flow of bandwidth as users demand more from their network.

Better Connectivity Drives Business Transformation

Factors to Consider When Selecting Your MPLS Provider

A similar product to MPLS is VPLS(Virtual Private LAN Service). This service is similar, but is entirely provisioned using ethernet services as access methods. This layer 2 service supports the connection of multiple sites on a single bridged domain on an IP or MPLS network. Packets of information are not routed through a network like MPLS, but travel through a switched network based on MAC addresses.

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Multi-Protocol Label Switching Options:

  • Multiple levels of QoS to choose from in order to prioritize real time mission critical applications(voice and video for example) over non real time applications(internet browsing for example)
  • Managed router(Cisco, Adtran, etc.) options are available to offload this responsibility to the experts
  • Combine this with internet services to make the most of the bandwidth the carrier is providing you
  • Combine this with dynamic voice services to avoid needing standalone POTS lines, PRIs, or bandwidth for SIP trunks

Features & Benefits of MPLS Networking:

  • QoS enables the prioritization of business-critical applications(for example – VOIP, video, and ERP) over non-critical applications(for example – email and web browsing)
  • Predictable with consistent performance
  • More secure than an internet VPN because it is run on a completely private network
  • Faster than an internet VPN due to lack of customer firewall encryption
  • Any site on the network can directly communicate to any other site on the network
  • Perfectly suited for disaster recovery based on the ability for any site to communicate to any other site on the network
  • Scales from speeds of 64k to 100G
  • MPLS services from all carriers include SLAs(Service Level Agreements) that ensure that high standards of uptime and throughput are upheld. This is not typically a feature of lower priced services such as DSL, coax/cable services, or cellular as their availability and throughput can dramatically fluctuate from time to time.

Why Choose C3 for MPLS Solutions?

  • No sales pitch, just unbiased consulting. You’ll get an honest answer as to what carrier(s) with what features are the best fit for your organization.
  • Choose C3 to create a resilient solution consisting of multiple carriers and access methods(Ethernet, cable, T1, etc) to protect your organization against downtime.
  • We represent virtually all the MPLS and VPLS providers. It’s our mission to help you find the best MPLS or VPLS carrier(or cheapest MPLS carrier if that is your goal) for your organization. We have relationships with over 50 MPLS and VPLS providers to give you a wide array of options, prices, features, etc.
  • Better pricing. Our extensive experience in finding and negotiating the best deals with the telecom carriers ensures that you’ll receive the best MPLS pricing available.
  • Billing and contract issues handled by C3. C3 takes ownership of these issues so that you’ll never again waste any of your time with frustrating billing issues.
  • Account management. If you’ve ever worked with unresponsive, unknowledgeable telecom representatives who are constantly being changed out and not looking out for your well-being, then you are not alone. Work with C3 and take the hassle out of dealing with telecommunications. We pledge to be responsive and proactive in our management of your account. It is also our mission to make sure you always have the best deal on the services that fit your needs.

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