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Platform as a Service(PaaS)
PaaS will help your organization focus on what you do best AND give
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Platform as a Service(PaaS)

Platform as a Service provides the entire infrastructure essential to either design or deploy general, social, business and enterprise level software applications, without managing or controlling the host cloud infrastructure including networks, servers, operating systems, storage and all the programming tools & applications, hence providing the Platform to build, test and deploy applications with the same development architecture & infrastructure as an organization would require in-house for building and hosting enterprise level applications.

PaaS provides complete stack of development tools which are accessed by developers via web browser to create enterprise level applications, without installing anything besides a web browser on their computers, and deploying these over the complex & heterogeneous infrastructure without any specific skills required. Platform as Service requires zero upfront cost to obtain the essential platform, including essential workflow application specific amenities, scalable as per need, secured by provider, facilitating easy and quick deployment of applications, either on a build & host or deploy & host solution model. An extensive PaaS solution stack may include services for application design, development, testing, hosting, deployment, web service integration, database, storage, security, versioning and extensive developer support.

Why PaaS?:

  • Up Front Cost – Platform as a Service provides significant cost reduction in the development, deployment and hosting of business applications. There is hardly any cost involved in hosting the application on rented platforms, and you pay only for what you use. Businesses don’t need to worry about the large capital cost incurred to host a large scale application, saving investment on computing, storage, middle ware and inter-networking devices.
  • Operational Cost – The development platform being provided, hosted and managed by the provider not only brings in zero infrastructure cost but also removes the maintenance cost associated in controlling such a large computing resource. The platform provider manages all hardware, software patching and update, physical & software security and day to day routine operational tasks.
  • Reliability – PaaS provides enhanced reliability of development stack, where in the case of a faulty server or any hardware device, the transition is quick and easy, mostly without interruption. Also, these solutions are built upon the best industry standards and managed under a signed Service Level Agreement that ensures constant availability of the underlying platform.
  • Management – PaaS provides enhanced monitoring capabilities by centralizing all resources utilized for the solution deployed, automating their management & provisioning. PaaS eliminates the need for maintaining the data center/production environment as back-end engineering & constraints are always resolved & maintained by the provider, freeing customers from updating and maintaining the development platforms.
  • Strategic Advantage – The ever increasing and limitless computing resources give a competitive edge over competitors where procurement time for new computing resources is virtually zero. Organizations can take advantage of the scalable and on-demand Cloud infrastructure, whenever they need it, reducing the provisioning time required at traditional in-house data centers. PaaS provides strategic advantage, by shifting businesses towards their primary goals rather than to worry about the platform required for their key applications to execute.
  • Cost and availability of big bandwidth – Internet and private network bandwidth is typically cheap because more Collocation providers have multiple network paths into the building.
  • Expand-ability – You won’t run out of space when you utilize a third party’s facility to host your servers, data storage units, etc.
  • Lower Risk – PaaS adoption gives virtually zero risk by eliminating the hefty capital investment required to build & operate infrastructure for facilitating thousands of users. An organization simply needs an internet browser to tap in the massive computing resource, and paying only for the portion utilized.

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  • We have relationships with over 30+ PaaS providers to give you a wide array of options, prices, features, etc.

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