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SD-WAN is the future for mid-market and enterprise networks.


SD-WAN(Software Defined Wide Area Networking) is a specific application of software-defined networking (SDN) technology applied to WAN connections, which are used to connect mid-market and enterprise networks – including branch offices and data centers over large geographic distances.

Per Gartner,
“Favor solutions from vendors that cater to the mid-market, seeking channel partners that work with vendors focused on the mid-market.” They also suggest choosing managed WAN services based on SD-WAN and, where available, virtualized network functionality — if your organization prefers managed services.

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Why Your Organization Should Consider SD-WAN:

    Bandwidth. As more businesses move towards public and private cloud models, bandwidth needs are increasing. SD-WANs allow businesses to support their cloud deployments across multiple locations without being gouged for the required bandwidth. The additional bandwidth also allows network managers to say “Yes” to more applications that are competing for access to the WAN.
    Agility in Deployment. Legacy network technologies like MPLS are very inflexible, and in some cases, deploying a new site or location can take 60-120 days, drastically impacting business expansion and productivity. Enterprises that are considering an SD-WAN deployment need to look at providers that can enable global connectivity in the shortest time possible.
    Cost Reduction. SD-WANs helps businesses reduce cost in the form of bandwidth savings compared to MPLS. A global SD-WAN, provided as a fully-managed service, will ensure organizations save not only on network maintenance and management costs, but enable IT resources to be free and focus on more strategic business initiatives.
    Network Security. At the base level, an SD-WAN is a point to point communication environment where VPN tunnels are built to transport payloads from a centralized orchestration platform. Those VPNs are encrypted and can overlay private networking and IP address schemes adding additional security to the WAN over public internet access circuits.

Why Choose C3 for SD-WAN?

  • No sales pitch, just unbiased consulting. You’ll get an honest answer as to what vendor(s) with what features are the best fit for your organization.
  • Choose C3 to create a resilient solution consisting of multiple carriers and access methods from around the world(Ethernet, cable, T1, etc) to protect your organization against downtime.
  • We represent over 20 SD-WAN providers. It’s our mission to help you find the best option for your organization.

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