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Web and Video Conferencing
Use C3 web and video conferencing solutions to connect your employees,
customers, and vendors globally.

Web & Video Conferencing

Web Collaboration

Need to collaborate with remote workers, clients, or suppliers? Need to train remote employees or conduct webinars for customers? With web and video conferencing solutions from C3, you can share your computer desktop with someone remotely, whiteboard a potential solution with an associate, collaborate on a file in real time, or conduct a training webinar for vendors. Reach out to C3 to get our guidance on the vast array of services and carriers available such as WebEx, Level 3, Intercall, PGI, and more.

Why Choose C3 for your Web/Video needs?

  • No sales pitch, just unbiased consulting. You’ll get an honest answer as to what conferencing providers with what features are the best fit for your organization.
  • We have relationships with over 10 conferencing providers to give you a wide array of options, prices, features, etc.
  • Better pricing. Our extensive experience will help you in finding and negotiating the best deals with the telecom carriers.
  • Billing and contract issues handled by C3. C3 takes ownership of these issues so that you’ll never again waste any of your time with frustrating billing issues.

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